SA2000 DL

The machine is  mechanically driven  with a small requirement of compressed air for  the date coder. 

Cabinet and all parts in contact with product in stainless steel or durable hygienic material.

SPECIFICATIONS  (Variations on request)

  • Speed : Recommended speed   4000  sachets per hour.

Dimensions : 

  • Height …2.2m     
  • Width…..1.8m
  • Length….1.4m

Electrical Power required.

  • Main Drive:         .75 Kw 3 phase
  • Unwind:              .45 Kw 3 phase

Foil Roll Size

  • Maximum diameter:  350 mm
  • Core diameter             70 mm

Unwind System

  • Film roll on dancer roller feeder brake system
  • Drive rollers
  • Photo cell eye fitted for registered print. Optional extra.

Sterilization of Sheeting and hygiene precautions:

  • Sheeting : 3 stations of  U.V. tube exposure to sheeting.

Sealing Systems

  • Vertical Seal

Ribbon impulse system

  • Horizontal Seal
    Impulse sealing with upgraded gripping and stabilization of sachets to consolidate 
    Seals and improved  sealing design to obviate corner leakers.

Pack Sizes

  • Standard machine:  1000 ml (each individual machine will be customised on order to pack only one size from 250 ml to 1000 ml).


  • Pressure of product feed:
    Max.  1 Bar   Min.  .5 Bar
  • Cooling water:Each filler has its own  cooling water balance supply tank.
  • Area required for 1 machine:
    Approximately 3.5 metres x 2.5 metres. will be adequate
  • Electrical Consumption for 1 machine.:
    Standard 3 phase 380 volts 50 Hz..  Maximum current rating 8 Kw.


  • To be confirmed at time of final negotiation.   It is normally about 9 to 12 weeks after order.


  • It must be emphasized that it is essential for even the smallest machines to be commissioned to ensure that they are correctly operated and produce the correct results from day one. 
  • Handi-Pak indemnifies themselves from any problems that arise if commissioning is waived.

DELIVERY COST  (in South Africa)

  • At cost of road motor transport or other means of transport, crating & insurance.


  • For best results in running and maintaining the machine ,it is vital for operators to Attend  four two hour training  sessions ,on consecutive days at our premises. It is also very motivational and experience has proved this to be a good investment.We do not charge for this training.


  • As the plastic sheeting is a most important part of the operation, and to ensure compatibility between machine and plastic we now supply a high quality plastic with excellent printing.


  • We supply the special one litre sachet jug that makes customer handling of sachets a delight.
  • Your logo can be printed on the jugs.


South Africa
1. 50% with order with balance due on completion of filler before delivery.
Commissioning and delivery

50% Deposit.
50% Confirmed irrevocable letter of credit, due against sight of shipping documents confirmed by First National Bank in South Africa, before we commence production and cost of confirmation to be borne by the buyer.   Payment at sight of shipping documents.
Reimbursement by the confirming bank to be within 6 (six) UK working days from authenticated claim.

This guarantee is for a period of 6 months against faulty parts but does not include normal wear and tear and excludes travelling and technician’s time and it also excludes adjustments to the machine after commissioning.
In no event of performance or mechanical failure will the supplier be accountable for any form of consequential loss.

No machine is sold that is not subject to these conditions which form an inseparable part of this offer.

This offer is valid for four weeks from the date of the covering letter.

We have machines operating all over South Africa and in several parts of the world and have been in this business for the past 36 years.   We therefore offer a wealth of experience and assure customers of our continued support after supplying equipment.