MP 500

    1. Description
    This is a basic machine designed to fill bottles from 200 ml to 5 000 ml.  The filling process is as follows:
      1. The operator depresses a pedal .
      2.  A bottle is pushed under a fill nozzel and the foot pedal is released.
      3. The bottle pushes up against a seal ring and fills to the pre-adjusted level.
      4. Filled bottle is removed and replaced with an empty bottle.
        Product flows into the balance tank  until the pre-set level is achieved and  the inlet valve closes
    1. Construction:   Mainly in stainless steel.
    2. Dimensions:   Height:   1 200 :   Width:    500    :    Depth:   450
    3. Speed of Operation:    Depends on bottle size.  An operator can fill approximately 700 x 250 ml up to 300 x 2L  bottles per hour.  A second operator will be required to do the capping operation. 
    4. A heat sealing pad with temperature control can be fitted should foil tops need to be applied this will be an optional extra.

DELIVERY:  4 weeks after order.


South Africa: At cost of road motor transport, or other means of transport, crating and insurance.


Upon application.


South Africa

Fifty percent with order and balance before delivery.


Confirmed Letter of Credit:

  1. Payment at sight of shipping documents.
  2. Fifty percent to be remitted in advance and balance against sight of shipping documents.
  3. Letter of Credit to be confirmed by bank that we agree to e.g. Standard Bank or First National Bank London and cost of confirmation to be borne by the buyer.
  4. Reimbursement by the confirming bank to be within 6 (six) UK  working days from authenticated claim.


This guarantee is for a period of 6 months against faulty parts but does not include normal wear and tear and excludes travelling and technician’s time and it also excludes adjustments to the machine after commissioning.

In no event of performance or mechanical failure will the supplier be accountable for any form of consequential loss.

VALIDITY OF TENDER:  4 weeks from date of letter


No machine is sold that is not subject to these conditions which form an inseparable part of this offer.