MC 500


This  unit consists of a frame with a rotating table that has six stations. One for inserting the yoghurt cup or bottle, on for filling, one for placing a foil cap on the cup or cap on bottle and the other for sealing or capping it when it is  rotated below  the sealer or chuck and one for removing the cup.
While filling and sealing,capping takes place the filled and sealed cup,bottle is removed and an empty cup,bottle loaded.
The filling is volumetric with a piston filler.
The sealing is based on a time that can be set for whatever duration is required and the temperature of the sealer is controlled by a heat controller.
This machine can be supplied in three versions namely MC.500A, MC 500B and MC 500C.
With the MC.500A i.e. semi-automatic machine,  it is necessary for the operator to load empty cups into the machine by hand  and  the filled cup is patly lifted out of the table for removal by hand. There is a no cup no fill and no foil machine stop feature.
With the MC.500B the empty cups are automatically loaded into the machine and automatically unloaded on an accumulation table.
The machine runs comfortably at a fixed speed of 1 200 cups per hour and has a no cap no seal control.
The MC 500C is a fully automatic double pump machine with computer control and automatic control of: no cup machine stops, no cup no fill and no cup no seal. Speed up to 1 800 cups per hour up to 500 ml.

Tables can be provided for 175 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre tubs. 


  • Frame
    Stainless steel.
  • Filling
    Hopper with piston filler with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.   (Volume range depends on customer requirements.)
  • Table
    Standard Stainless steel for 175 ml cups (extra sizes of cups will require an extension as optional extras.)
  • Main Shaft: 
    Stainless steel.
  • Sealer
    Self aligning 175 ml, 500 ml and 1 000 ml sealer actuated by 50 mm diameter air cylinder .
  • Electricity Required
    Single phase maximum 500 watts.
  • Control Panel
    Housing temperature controller and timer with necessary contactors and main switch.
  • Heaters


To be confirmed at time of final negotiation.   It is normally about seven weeks after order but this obviously varies depending on the work load.

It must be emphasized that it is essential that even the smallest machines are commissioned to ensure that they are correctly operated and produce the correct results from day one. Handi-Pak indemnify themselves from any problems that arise if commissioning is waived.


Fifty percent with order, balance at time of delivery.


50% Deposit

50% Confirmed irrevocable letter of credit, due against sight of shipping documents confirmed by

First National Bank in South Africa,  before we commence production, and cost of confirmation to

be borne by the buyer.   Payment at sight of shipping documents.

Reimbursement by the confirming bank to be within 6 (six)  working days from authenticated claim. 


No machine is sold that is not subject to these conditions which form an inseparable part of this offer

(see attached).


This guarantee is for a period of 6 months against faulty parts but does not include normal wear and tear and excludes travelling and technician’s time and it also excludes adjustments to the machine after commissioning. In no event of performance or mechanical failure will the supplier be accountable for any form of consequential loss Offer valid for four weeks from the date of this letter