The LiveSure Group, in conjunction with Medintex AG, balances and matches the needs of human beings with the needs of its clients, providing peace of mind and security for fellow citizens.

We are a Global niche market service provider that mobilises the public sector, individuals and corporates through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements to protect their Living Security needs for mutual benefit.

The LiveSure initiative enables the people of the World to overcome the current challenges of their daily needs with regard to energy, water, financial inclusion, food, education, housing, connectivity and health services.

As an ENABLER, LiveSure augments the horizons of its collaborating parties by re-engineering access to innovative CUSTOM DESIGNED Service Level agreements, underwriting, Insurance aligned (“Ensurance”) / Protection Plan / Warranty products, linked to existing pools of knowledge and networks to expand business and opportunities with a solution in mind. LiveSure’s products and services are custom designed according to our clients needs and are continually scrutinised by the LIVESURE TRUSTED CENTRE ("LTC") for cost effectiveness, sustainability, resilience, relevance and achieving the goal of serving our clients needs.

With each client that obtains “ensurance” cover with LiveSure's affiliate company InovaSure and with each Corporate Client, Municipality, Special Economic Zone or State Owned Entity that entrusts their 'power management' to us, we take another step to making "Smart" people, villages, cities and towns a reality for the citizens of South Africa, Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia, South America and ultimately, the world.

One word sums it up - COLLABORATION! We believe that teamwork brings out the best in all of us. The loner may be admirable, but the team is what makes it all worthwhile. By collaborating with the best minds in the country, working with the people who are passionate about not just saving the planet, but also themselves and their legacy for their children, teaming up with companies, organisations, Municipalities, Governments and thought leaders, we have managed to put a PLAN together that has bucked the trend of corporate gain and which promotes inclusive participation by all partners.

The result is LiveSure and InovaSure that operates in conjunction with Medintex AG, a Group that is self sustaining - not a mutual society, but an entity that generates the capacity to COVER the calamities that face the human race by means of tapping into the resources that we currently expend on outdated technologies and corporate greed.

We generate our underwriting capability from the very protection plan, policy aligned premiums and service fees that we create in a unique manner that are backed by our service level agreements.

Our clients pay us to ensure that they have an uninterrupted supply of energy and therefore the ensuing Living Security with regard to their basic needs in a sustainable manner.

Join the LiveSure and Medintex AG TEAM by directing your precious resources to us in the form of one Service Fee every month and let us take care of the details.