LivPak’s InovaLearn Program as a Public Benefit Organisation is a partner to the UN’s Sustainable Development Partnership Platform

How do we lower the barriers to education geographically, politically and socially, to make quality education a reality for everyone no matter where they live or what their financial situation is? InovaLearn's primary objective is the provision of digitally conveyed education to all focusing on impoverished families worldwide. InovaLearn aims to promote, protect and enhance the interests of urban informal settlement communities, rural communities and peri-urban communities Globally through the provisioning of media, power, free digital education, ICT and other related services.


The implementation of InovaLearn is in partnership with the Medintex AG stable: LiveSure, InovaSure, InovaMedia and LivPak.

InovaLearn is part of the InovaSure poverty alleviation program aimed at giving the poorest people in Africa and around the Globe access to affordable infrastructure. The program consists of providing off grid electrification, connectivity and e-Learning for urban townships, rural and indigent residential areas.

InovaLearn is unique in that we aim to provide learning content to all registered users in connected homes to which we provide off-grid renewable energy and connectivity.

InovaSure has developed the LivPak Living Security Program, which consists of off-grid solar electrification and connectivity for urban townships, rural and indigent residential areas providing dignity, identity and creating local jobs and ownership through the electrification, connectivity and lighting of informal dwellings.


InovaLearn is partnered with the Medintex AG stable of LiveSure, InovaSure, InovaMedia, and LivPak to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides access to free digital education for all.

Coordination is administered by the prime integrator depending on the solution deployed within the community. This will be coordinated alongside future partners and collaborators for the entire project design in Africa and Globally. The prime integrator will be the lead of the organisation who’s focus will be to promote and implement the sustainable goals of the United Nations. The contact for the education project will be InovaLearn, the partners will be the promoters, sponsors or third parties for the most targeted geographic locations and roll-out.