The LivPak unit will generate on average 10.7kWh per day and have storage facilities for 10.34 kWh of electrical Energy. The unit has an installed capacity of 94 kg 1278 kWh of Gas to deliver against a pay-as-you-go metered heat energy for the geysers, the stove, and heating.

The LivPak unit delivers a 1278 kWh gas resource for the thermal energy demands of the dwellings. Each LivPak unit contains 94kg of propane installed in the Tower enclosure and can be filled from outside with external fittings..

The revolutionary LivPak energy unit developed by InovaSure and provided by LivPak, caters for all our client’s energy needs as well as delivers on demand for Video, TV Entertainment, Communication, Education, Computing, Internet Connectivity. It also provides Security, Social Media, Community Integration, and significant living cost reductions.


Single User LivPak

The cost of installation of the single LivPak Micro Energy Vault is US$25 000 (including VAT). The owner contributes a monthly amount of US$43 (excl. VAT) for a product offering of his/her choice.

Multiple User LivPak


The LivPak Micro Energy Vault’s efficiency and capital cost is directly related to the customer’s needs.

The base infrastructure consists of a solar panel, linked to several batteries, which provides uninterrupted DC power to 5 informal dwellings on a node basis. Each dwelling is then electrified and provided with a unit that operates as a smart meter and internet connection.

The individual dweller joins the LIVPAK Primary Co-operative for the area in question and as part of the joining agreement, signs a pre-paid electrification contract (including value-add services) – termed the Services and Product Purchase Agreement (“SPPA”).

The contracts are then aggregated within the LivPak operation by the license holder to the products and services provided under license by the LiveSure Trusted Centre and “sold” to the ISSUER in return for the working capital required to build and/or electrify the member’s shacks or dwellings.

The cost of installation of the Multiple user LivPak Micro Energy Vault (5 dwellings per installation) is carried by LivPak.

The Co-Operative Member contributes a monthly amount of US$40 (incl. VAT) for the product offering of power, telecommunications, media and educational content, etc.